Friday, August 6, 2010

Letter to the editor- Soon to be ex-Western New Yorker

Another frustrated young Western New Yorker sent this well written letter to the Buffalo News today. Robert Gerrish is relocating and wondering why Buffalo needs 206 Tim Kennedy's walking around conducting studies, raising taxes, and collecting bloated pensions, while the bright people pick up and leave town. It's a good letter that everyone should read...

This project should have been finished years ago

In my short years I have lived in about half a dozen states across the country. Each of them is unique. New York is memorable for the dizzying array of politicians, appointees, elected officials and assorted hangers-on who seem to involve themselves in every aspect of life. In every state I have lived in, this project would have been completed years ago.

Why do we need congressmen, city councils, county executives, legislators, mayors, studies, panels, commissions, appointees and authorities to micromanage a project that simply involves placing a store on a piece of abandoned land? I have never seen such a spectacle anywhere else.

If this region intends to head further down its current path to an underpopulated dystopia that is a shell of its former glory, then by all means continue with these shenanigans. If not, Buffalo and Erie County may want to figure out what makes other regions successful. I will give you a hint: It’s not multiple Byzantine layers of government and their associated taxes.
Robert Gerrish

Well said, Robert. I wonder if he's related to the chief, Robert Parish?

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