Saturday, August 28, 2010

Worst idea ever

This might be the worst idea I've ever heard of from any school administration. From A middle school tried to make the elections "more fair" by only allowing white kids to run for class President and black kids to run for Vice President. Believe it or not, this was some kind of misguided attempt to get more kids involved in the school's elections, since 72% of the school is white. All went as planned until a parent of a mixed child called the school to ask which group her son belonged to. Officials told her in those cases, it would come down to the race of the mother. So, these are the people we are entrusting to run our school systems?

Middle School Segregates Class Elections by Race

Thinking about running for eighth grade class president at Mississippi's Nettleton Middle School? Are you white? Because only white kids can run for president. Black kids can be vice-president, though! But only black kids. Update: They changed the policy.

A few days ago, Nettleton Middle School students brought home the following memo, which spells out the requirements for students who want to run for class office and was provided to blogger Suzy Richardson by a parent:

Middle School Segregates Class Elections by Race (Updated)

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