Friday, August 20, 2010

Stephen Banko: local self-promoter of the week

Local political opportunist Stephen Banko wrote another one of his ridiculous columns in today's My View section of the Buffalo News regarding Mulroy Palyground at Holy Family:

I met a guy named Tony Masiello in a game at the Massachusetts Playground and began a friendship that took us from those burning asphalt courts to the State Senate Chamber and ultimately, to the mayor’s office. And it all started in the fast breaks and rebounds and jump shots — in the skills those dedicated coaches taught us over those hot summer days and nights.

I looked our over the empty playground, in a season when our summer leagues would be in full swing. The basketball court that I fertilized with gallons of summer sweat is now gone. A nice, quiet green lawn replaces it. Gone too is that wading pool that was such a cooling spa in those good old days. Pretty much everything is gone now — except the memories of those great days and of great coaches like George Herrmann. I’m not sure where George is in the afterlife but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like the way the playground looks these days. Everything is way too quiet.

Just a few thoughts: Most have left neighborhoods like Mulroy because the schools and the city politicians are a joke. Scenes like the ones Banko describe now take place in the suburbs. Also, Banko talks about how the park looks atrocious and how nothing is going on there. Banko was one of Mayor Masiello's right hand men for the 12 long years he sat in the mayor's office. If this park (and others like it) meant so much to him, why didn't he use his position to improve them? Instead, he sat in city hall for 12 years, did nothing, and now writes self promoting articles to the news . Good thing most people know a self serving politician when they see one. By the way, the kids on South Park play basketball everyday at Okell Park and Durant Park from morning until dark. South Buffalo Baseball runs a terrific baseball league all summer at Okell for boys and girls. The South Buffalo Soccer Club has kids playing at Hillery, Southside, and four fields within Cazenovia Park. My advice to Stephen Banko: Quit working for HUD and go volunteer over at Mulroy Playground.

Steve Banko: Mulroy Playground memories are sweet


  1. I don't see the column ??
    I do recognize the sentiment.

  2. It looks like the link doesn't work. It was in the My View section of the Bflo News. Most of it here is included in italics.

  3. I changed the link. it should work now.