Friday, August 13, 2010

Victory for Democracy

Democracy won a minor victory this week when challenges to Michael Kuzma and Tom Casey's petitions were denied...

Kuzma, one of four candidates in the Democratic Party’s primary for the 58th District seat held by William T. Stachowski of Lake View, called Keane’s failed election challenge “frivolous and wholely without merit.”

Kuzma and his lawyer, James Ostrowski, accused Keane of backing one of his opponents in the Senate race, Erie County Legislator Timothy M. Kennedy of Buffalo.

I'd like to object to Jim Keane objecting, since everyone knows he lives in Florida and is a big, fat moron. He doesn't live here or want to live here. He's stolen all of yours and your neighbors' hard earned money. Just leave already. The voters told you how they felt two years ago.

Not to be outdone, Casey's petitions were challenged by known stooge (and Keane's cousin) Tim Whalen. Rumor has it, Whalen's so bright he still has R and L written on his shoes, so he doesn't forget which feet to put them on. Keane must consider Kuzma and Casey a threat to Tim "Hortons" Kennedy, whom he plans on controlling like the political pimp that he is. Both of these two are smarter than Kennedy or Bill Stachowski and deserve to be on the ballot. They both have put their own groups together and worked hard to get on the ballot. Keane's attempt to get them removed is right from the playbook of the entitled. Keane thinks the system belongs to him and a select few. There is no room for outsiders with their own ideas. Good for the judge for seeing right through Keane's attempt to give you less choice in the voting booth. Just imagine what he will try to pull, if people are stupid enough to vote for Kennedy...

Kuzma wins battle over run in primary - The Buffalo News

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