Monday, August 2, 2010

Trocaire fires teacher for being straight-Not that there's anything wrong with it

The state division of human rights has found probable cause that the administration at Trocaire College has discriminated against Dr. Csaba Marosan, a male nursing professor because of his sexual orientation. He is straight. State investigators found evidence that the college wanted to terminate Marosan, a native of Hungary, because of his accent and because “he was not part of a clique of younger and/or homosexual males who socialized with administrators.” From the Buffalo News:

Marosan, a former cancer researcher who had taught at Trocaire since 2002, told investigators he was treated differently because he is a 51-year-old heterosexual male, and his superiors were looking to hire young, gay men.

The case will now head to a public hearing before an administrative law judge. The judge's decision is being widely praised by heterosexual hairdressers, synchronized swimmers, and male cheerleaders across the country.

Trocaire accused of sexual, age, gender bias - The Buffalo News

College journalist thinks Jerry Seinfeld and George are a gay couple. I love the way Seinfeld reacts to her questions...

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