Thursday, August 19, 2010

Economics 101

Now I know what businessmen mean by taking a risk. I did not come up with the idea to satirize the Friends don't let We've all seen it before. Given many New Yorkers' bad memories of the liberal Mario Cuomo, I did come up with the idea for this Fall's election.

I'm on summer vacation, and in fact, may not return to subbing at all this year. When you can't make the final five at a catholic grammar school with an opening, it might be time to switch gears and go to tractor trailor school. I've been looking at the want ads much more lately. That being said, investing any amount of money in my idea was a big risk. I bought three dozen shirts for about $300. I bought 100 lawn signs and stakes for another $320. I'll be selling the shirts at Carl Paladino's fundraiser this weekend, but have agreed to donate half back to the candidate. I don't have a problem with that since this presents me with the market I'm after: People who are against four years of Andrew Cuomo. Besides, Paladino needs the money more than I do.The signs are not in yet and won't be until next week.

The signs present an interesting angle for me. They display my website on the bottom, where interested, like minded neighbors can purchase a sign of their own. If the idea spreads (admittedly, a big if), these signs could go like hotcakes in other parts of the state. With the signs and the shirts, I could really use your help and suggestions. The more people who see them or hear about them, the more I can sell. I'm actually still in shock that I was able to figure out Paypal, or that I even have a bank account. I think the main thing is not being afraid of failure.

There are more costs that I should have planned for. I didn't realize the large envelopes to ship them would be a dollar each. I had no idea it would cost $2.75 plus that dollar to mail each shirt. That's after paying about $7 for each shirt. I had to add a shipping cost to the $11.99 shirts for people getting them in the mail.I figure, if they want them bad enough, they will pay an extra $3 for the shipping. We'll see. So anyway, if you know any diehard Cuomo haters or Paladino worshipers, please send them my way. I really need to at least make back the $600. But I guess, it's all about the risk and the effort.

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