Thursday, August 19, 2010

Siena poll:Most New Yorkers oppose proposed mosque

The New York City media had a field day criticising Carl Paladino's stance on the proposed mosque being built next to ground zero. As I predicted last week, an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers agree with Paladino and oppose the mosque being built there...

The new Siena College poll out this morning shows 63 percent of New Yorkers oppose the construction of the mosque and cultural center near ground zero, while 27 percent support it — numbers virtually unchanged from the college's survey two weeks ago.
But by an almost equal number — 64 percent to 28 percent — people believe the project's developers have a constitutional right to build there.

The proposed mosque on this site makes many New Yorkers uncomfortable. Just like a neighborhood has the right to oppose a strip club or a baseball diamond, the "neighborhood" of New York State has the right to oppose this building. I opposed Bass Pro being built at the old Aud site. That doesn't mean I was being insensitive to the rights of fishermen. Paladino was the only one willing to risk "political correctness" by opposing the mosque. The media, specifically MSNBC tried to make Paladino look crazy because they have an agenda. Ultimately, New Yorkers (and specifically, those who lost loved ones on 9/11) will decide whether the mosque is built or not. New York's a big city and this building does not have to be built right at Ground Zero.
POLITICO: Majority oppose mosque, understand legal right - Maggie Haberman - Majority oppose mosque, understand legal right

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