Monday, August 2, 2010

Ungrateful bastard

Talk about ungrateful. This tough economy has even put robbers in a foul mood. A man robbed a Wendy's restaurant in Atlanta, Ga. at gunpoint the other day. Not happy with the $586 he made off with, he called the restaurant twice to complain. This sounds like something straight out of a 1970s Woody Allen movie. I hope when he comes back in a few weeks/months, they give him something really worth complaining about...

ATLANTA -- Police say a man who robbed a fast-food restaurant with a gun was so mad about the amount of loot that he called back twice to complain.
The man walked up to the drive-through window of an Atlanta Wendy's late Saturday night, wearing a ski mask and holding a gun.
He demanded the cash drawer, grabbed it and ran away.
But police say he later called the fast food restaurant to complain about the amount of cash.
Police say in one call he said that "next time there better be more than $586."
He called again with a similar complaint.

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