Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Darcy must go

The Buffalo Sabres under Darcy Regier are a complete joke. Regier all but sent local player Tim Kennedy packing by buying out his contract today. Kennedy was told nothing and now faces an uncertain future in the NHL.

The Sabres are going to pay chronic underachiever Tim Connolly $7 million a year to continue his sorry act in Buffalo. Then you got Derek Roy, the king of the stupid penalty. The only time I saw him score last season was in that stupid Cellino & Barnes commercial they played every 15 minutes. And that reminds me: They better have new commercials this year. I'm sick of looking at Barnes' bald dome every 10 minutes. Or is it Cellino? Who can get those two straight?

Get ready to listen to Darcy tell everyone how great the current bums are developing during the offseason. One of these years, one of them might develop during the actual season or they might sign a guy who doesn't need to "develop" at all. Regier continuously lets go of young players on the rise and replaces them with journeymen on the last stop of their careers. He's got to go. The team was run better when the crooked Greeks from Cloudersport, Pa. were in charge...

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