Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another scammer retires from the sheriffs department

Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Erie County Sheriff Brian Doyle held high ranking management type jobs his whole career. On his last day before retirement, Doyle was allowed to switch to the union-protected rank of Captain, solely so he could take advantage of County-provided health care for the rest of his life. As a Captain, he will not have to pay a dime for health care that you and I have to pay for...

By retiring as a captain under a labor agreement signed years ago, Doyle will receive county-provided health care in retirement without having to chip in for the cost of his premiums.

Had Doyle, 48, retired from his higher management post, he would pay about $170 a month, or $2,000 a year, to continue his county-provided health care as a retiree. Since 2006, the county’s management-level staff members have been told to contribute to their health care premiums.

This reminds me of the day Thurman Thomas came back to Buffalo from the Dolphins so he could retire as a Bill. What a scammer! It never ends. At 48, Doyle will no doubt grease the right palms and soon begin life as a double dipper. As a supporter of Chris Collins, I'm very disappointed that he is allowing this to take place. What an insult to all the actual union members that this loophole is being used to fleece the taxpayers once again. Doyle should be arrested for Grand Theft and impersinating a union member.

Loophole benefits sheriff’s retirees - The Buffalo News

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