Wednesday, August 25, 2010

City Grill person of interest arrested

Riccardo McCray accompanied by community activist Darnell Jackson, turned himself in to channel 4. He is being described by police as a main person of interest in the City Grill Massacre. Watch as the detective tells Jackson, "get out of my way or I'll arrest you." McCray's attorney was late getting to channel 4. Perhaps he was backed up in that 62 mile traffic jam in Beijing...

Here is channel 2's interview with Darnell Jackson, seen here eating some kind of snack throughout the interview. He gets very testy with Claudia Ewing, and even halts the interview to answer his cell phone...


  1. He didn't surrender to Dan Derenda or Byron Brown or even the BERC but to that old pain in the ass Darnell Jackson whom it is clear city hall and BPD do not embrace. Was that Lonergan who gave him a shove and said I will arrest you ? I also notice Jackson got in dig at Darius Prigeon pointing out that the guy came to him not Rev Prigeon. Are there some bruised egos in the community tonight ? Bet your bullet proof vest there are.

  2. hahaha. I know the police have a long hitory with Darnell Jackson going back 10-15 years since he has been an activist. I don't know too much about Pridgen but I could see these two fighting over air time.