Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lou Gehrig misdiagnosed?


Lou Gehrig being helped off of the field after being hit by a pitch in 1934, coincidentily, the same year Brian Higgins was first elected to Congress.

You can impress your friends (although if you're reading this blog, chances are you probably don't have any) with this interesting report from a leading journal of neuropathology: Lou Gehrig probably didn't suffer from the disease that bears his name...

Although the paper does not discuss Gehrig specifically, its authors in interviews acknowledged the clear implication: Lou Gehrig may not have ever had Lou Gehrig’s disease. The report suggests Gehrig died as the result of a concussion and brain trauma, most likely from being hit by a pitch. They believe this concussion led to the erosion of his spinal chord.

A.L.S. will officially be changed from Lou Gehrig's disease to the disease we thought Lou Gehrig had until some nerds proved he didn't. Stay tuned next week as we find out who is actually buried in Grant's tomb:

Study Says Brain Trauma Can Mimic A.L.S. -

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