Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lobbyists hired in attempt to bribe Councilmembers

Buffalo's leaders recently passed one of the toughest laws regulating the sale and advertising of tobacco products in the city. In retaliation, Big Tobacco has hired three political fossils in an effort to force the councilmembers to change their minds through bribes and other unethical favors:

Clarke is concerned that even in the early stages, lobbyists might be making some headway. When anti-tobacco forces met with Council members to discuss the tough new legislation, Clarke said there was unanimous buy-in.
"A week later, no one was even returning our calls," Clarke said. "We heard reports that lobbyists were walking City Hall."

Among the lobbyists hired were former uneventful mayor Tony Masiello, former scumbag Congressman Tom Reynolds, and Grassroots lowlife Maurice Garner. These three ought to be ashamed of themselves, especially Masiello, a former athlete. Now, they are prostituting themselves and helping the tobacco industry market their death products to children. Don't be fooled by their slick rhetoric. We are talking major bribes taking place here. These three imbeciles should not be allowed access to city hall, as their mere presence indicates a crime is about to take place. We will be watching and seeing which Councilmembers change their stances on tobacco. I have put the South Buffalo rooster on the case and I will print what he reports back to me. So be forewarned.

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