Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Carl Paladino and the mosque at Ground Zero

I glance at many news sites looking for stories, when I have the time. Today was one of those days. On several news sites and blogs, Carl Paladino was taking a beating by the press for his opposition to the construction of a mosque at the Ground Zero site. To me, this is an example of a guy standing up for what he believes in, at the expense of political correctness. What I'd like to ask all the critics of Paladino's stance is this: Would you have spoken out in favor of a mosque in the days or weeks immediately following 9/11? Today in Germany, the extremist mosque where the 9/11 hijackers learned their hate was actually shut down by the German government.

There is nothing wrong with moderate Muslims. I'm sure this group is not an extremist group. I just think, and I think Paladino does too, that putting any mosque on that sight is insensitive and inappropriate to the families who lost loved ones during the attacks. On one hand, the mere discussion of it, proves America is the land of the free. In what other country would this even be up for debate? What I really think they should build there is a Bass Pro mega store. Think about what a regional draw it would be. (If you're reading this and are not from Buffalo, don't ask...)

Ground Zero is sacred ground. I think most New Yorkers are against the construction of any religious building there. I would even be against a catholic church being built there. There are plenty of other locations to build. The media is trying to use this story to make Paladino out to be a crazy fringe candidate. However, it's a good thing Paladino doesn't care what the media thinks. I think most people reading this blog agree with his stance on this issue as well as most of the New Yorkers who will be voting in September and November. Here is a story on MSNBC where Paladino and a Muslim leader both oppose the location of this mosque. If you ask me, the host is overly confrontational. I think his opinion mirrors that of elitist Manhattan residents and not that of most New Yorkers. If you watch this interview, I think Paladino handled himself quite well. This guy was obviously trying to make a name for himself by getting Paladino to explode. Paladino chose not to lower himself to him.
Top mosque foe: But I have lots of Muslim friends!

In this ad, Paladino gives his reasons for opposing the mosque. I think this message will sell to most New Yorkers, except perhaps, those living in luxury Manhattan apartments...

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