Monday, August 30, 2010

crime stats 8/21-8/26

Thank you to chief Pat Pascall for providing us with these:

322 Weimar Burglary UNK Unk person entered garage and removed 2 ATV

1885 South Park Burglary UNK Person unk did enter football team shed and removed various football equipment

359 McKinley Larceny UNK Compl let an UNK person into their home (why…who knows) and that person took a drill, and check from his check book

2019 South Park Larceny UNK UNK person removed wallet off table

Hamburg and South Assault UNK UNK person did swing a bat at compl. He lives on Amber

35 Hayden menacing, harass Jason Pilarski Def did come to compl residence , did wave pistol and did threaten him.
35 Hayden (rear) Poss of Drug Parap and Unlaw poss of Marij Sarah Metzger Def arrested for poss of marij and poss of para

Seneca and Ryan Assault and Harassment Steffon Caesar Def of 7 S Ryan did hit compl and harass her
54 South (lower) Harassment Ray Buford Susps did call and make threats to compl
14 Ryan S Harassment Matt Lesniak Susps, after argument with compl, did throw shoe at compl
279 Perry Criminal Mischief UNK Person unk did break DS window of vehicle

Babcock and Seneca LOST PROPERTY LOST Dennis Mack reports that he lost his deposit bag from Seneca Deli (blue)
25 Good Assault and Harassment John Gillis Def did hit compl in face
92 Mariemont Criminal Mischief and Harassment David Cannon Susp did throw urine at compl kitchen window. Some got into house and caused smell
105 Dorothy VOOP Stephen Jackson Susp did harass compl in VOOP
750 McKinley Identity Theft UNK UNK person did use compl visa card to order an exercise program
106 Spann Harassment UNK UNK person is calling compl stating ther are federal agents (1-866 NUMBER)
179 Weaver Criminal Mischief UNK UNK person did throw rock and veh window, and then threw unk substance on it
155 Weyand Various V&T and Poss of Marij and Illegal inspection sticker Bryan McMillan Def of 8 Forrestal West Seneca was in poss of Marij, and a stolen insp sticker

Seneca and Kamper Obstructing GA and Resisting Darlene Schuler Def od 6 Gierlach in Sloan did interfere with officers invest. When asked to leave she refused.
111 Elk Assault and Obstructing GA Peter Ortiz Def was engaged in fight with compl. When officers arrived he ran.
111 Aldrich Burglary UNK UNK b/m/ in green crys minivan did kick in door and remove items. Neighbors say he was squatting there
591 Fulton Burglary UNK UNK person did enter apt by unk means. When inside did remove birth cert and other personal papers from closet
22 Kamper Harassment Neil Rodriguez Def did threaten compl
86 Hamburg Harassment Joseph McCarthy Compl states that her son spit on her other children
1735 Seneca Poss of Marij Zachery Kane and Matt Koester Def were in veh and in poss of Marij and CS. Kane lives at 147 Royal, Koester lives at 147 Royal Barmore lives at 56 Reservation
164 Woodside W Assault and Harassment Diana Rizzo Def did come home drunk and did strike compl
1614 Seneca Harassment Michael Frigioni Def arrested for outstanding warrant he lives at 283 Shepherd in Kenmore
109 Elk Criminal Mischief UNK Person unk did damage DS mirror

335 Germania Larceny PREVIOUS PREVIOUS REPORT: Also taken from veh was wallet
699 Abbott Harassment KNOWN Susp continues to send email and text
7 Zittle Criminal Contempt James Rozell Def was in VOOP
128 Orlando Larceny Matt Helmbrick Susps did take compl sons bike
94 Woodside Burglary UNK UNK person did enter apt through unlocked back door and did take xbox and games
19 Columbus Public Lewdness UNK UNK person did urinate on her front lawn
34 South Menacing and Crim Poss of weapon Juanita Rosado Def did brandish a 12" knife, and did threaten compl. He lives at 32 South
10 Arbour Lane Assault and Harassment Wilfredo Renoules Def (Compl BF) did try to choke her
41 Gorski Criminal Mischief UNK UNK person did dump unk chem on lawn damaging same
25 Allegany Assault and Harassment Christopher Waz Def (Husband) did slap her across the face

Abbott and Whitfield Obstructing and resisting Kristie Redlinski Def was obnox and rude and did obstruct and resist
352 Baraga Harassment Megan Leberer Def did throw ketchup at compl and put pepsi in shoes
46 Krakow Burglary Theadore Harrington Compl states that person (possibly suspect) did enter his garage and did remove tools. Susp lives at 73 Davey Street
463 Abbott Burglary KNOWN Person known did enter compl apt w/o permission and did take various items (friend is suspect)
1005 McKinley Burglary UNK Unk person did enter business and did remove 150 packs of cigarettes
2064 Clinton Larceny UNK Unk person did enter dentist office and did remove wallet. Wallet found outside.
155 Fillmore UUV UNK Vehicle stolen (no plates)
37 Kamper Obstructing govt admin and resisting Leroy Robinson Def did hinder police invest, and did run from officers
295 BARNARD Criminal Trespass and Harassment Andrew Longboat Def did harass compl and did enter apt w/o permission
92 Trowbridge Criminal Trespass and Criminal Mischief Jalic Brown and Mitchel Jones Def(s) did enter abond. Home and did damge same
2330 Seneca Crim Poss of Marij Christopher Taylor Def of 9 Zittle did poss. Marij
30 South Harassment and resisting arrest Nayka Cruz-Rosado Def of 30 South Street did become violent with officers and did kick LT in groin
25 Allegany Assault and Harassment Christopher Waz PREVIOUS CASE CLEARED BY ARREST
149 Selkirk Burglary KNOWN Compl states that ex BF did break into apt and did remove clothes
663 Hopkins Burglary UNK Unk person did enter apt by unk means. Once inside did trash apt and did remove DVD player
67 Baitz Larceny KNOWN Known susp did remove check from mail and did cash
273 Okell Larceny vehicle UNK UNK person did remove ipod and radar det from vehicle
590 Elk Larceny UNK UNK person did remove tools from tool box at ex-employer (modern Corp)

Quinn and Peabody C poss of CS Erin McNally Def did poss pills
2346 Seneca Criminal Mischief and Harassment Paul Dunleavey and Dilea Smith Complk states that poss susp (due to past problems) did destroy his wheelchair and did leave note with threats. Susp lives on Mt Vernon
93 Fields Passed stop sign and DWI Donald Kill Def (from Lack) did pass sign and was DWI
327 Southside Criminal Mischief and Harassment Gregory Bruenn Def (on 3 separate occ) did cook while intox and did cause damage to apt

South Park and Lockwood Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing Louis Mendez and Nicole Dolan After receiving a call of susp veh, and during the inves, des did swear at officers, and did try to drive away
1763 Clinton VOOP and Harassment Todo Dopik Def did violate OOP
555 Hopkins Criminal Trespass and Assault KNOWN Ex GF did enter apt w/o permission and did then throw beer bottle at compl
46 Princeton Harassment KNOWN Susp is calling compl with threats (30-40 times)
77 Arbour Lane Harassment and Criminal Mischief Anthony Urtali Susp did harass compl (push her) and did then break car window
1667 Seneca Crim Poss of CS Jerry Majka and Justin Smith Officers were attempting to make warrant arrest and def(s) were in poss of Cocaine

Durant Park Assault and Harassment Jordan Sullivan Susp did punch compl in face
743 South Division Criminal Mischief Treasure McGehchy Def (ex GF) did break his wiper blades on veh
250 Abbott Larceny UNK UNK valet did remove wallett from veh
807 Tifft Assault and Harassment Gary Stoll Susp of 807 Tifft did strike compl with hockey stick
25 Matejako Harassment Colleen O'Boyle Susp continues to text compl (unwanted)
109 Unger Identity Theft UNK UNK person did use their name to obtain electric service
64 Weiss Assault and Harassment William Alexander Def of 913 Fillmore did strike the wife about the head and face
1732 South Park Disorderly Conduct Terrell Cooper Def of 42 East Utica was arrested for warrant while also arrested for domestic

Botanical Gardens UUV and Arson UNK Person unk did steal vehicle from unk location, and was recovered burining at Botanical Gardens
376 Dorrence Criminal Trespass UNK UNK person did enter hallway and did remove various items from back pack. Also removed a $1,000 tent
140 Abbott Harassment UNK UNK person did make threats to store clerk
145 O'Connell Harassment Robert Warsaw Susp continually text's compl. He lives at 95 Vandalia (she does not wish to pros)
1979 Seneca Assault and Harassment Jaime Pepe Def did shove compl and choke
170 Culver Harassment Ryan Bukaczeski Susp (boyfriend) did lock her cell phone in bedroom, and then threw her to the ground. Warrant Card issued

Cazenovia Park Assault and Harassment Thomas Dombrowski Fiance did grab and drag compl, and did state, "I should put a bullet in you". He lives at 9628 Kenmore
68 Roanoke Obstructing and Disorderly Conduct Daniel Root Def kept yelling and arguing. When officers asked him to stop, he bacame abusive
999 Exchange Harassment Justine Reed Def came home after drinking and did slap compl in face
44 Latona Court Trespass Daniel Alexander Compl states that landlord did enter apt w/o permission
143 Trowbridge Harassment Natalya Dixon Def did attack compl while holding baby



  1. throwing ketchup and putting pepsi in shoes.. :)

  2. i thought that was a rather odd crime myself. perhaps throwing pepsi and putting ketchup in shoes would have made more sense.???

  3. What is the current status of 463 Abbott? Who are the legal owners/tenants? It looks as though there are new occupants in there.