Sunday, August 29, 2010

South Park mugging reported

Police are searching area dentist offices today for the mugger who attacked the wrong woman on South Park and Lockwood Ave. The first rule of crime is never attack a woman at 5:30 AM after she comes out of Nick's...

Mugger gets surprise from feisty victim

A mugger got the surprise of his life when the woman he just robbed on South Park Avenue early Saturday morning chased him down, jumped on his back and took back her wallet and later kneed him in the teeth, the victim told South District police.

The victim said she was on South Park at Lockwood Avenue about 5:30 a. m. when the man approached her and asked for change. Though the woman gave him a dollar, the man said: “I know you have more,” then grabbed her and threw her to the ground and took her purse-like wallet.

The woman, however, chased the man down, jumped on his back and took back her wallet. When the mugger attacked her again, he got kneed in the teeth, then fled, police said.

Police have released this photo of someone they are describing as a "person of interest"...

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