Sunday, June 13, 2010

Questions surround the death of high school student

It's always sad when a young life is lost to violence. I didn't know the shooting victim, 15 year old Jawaan Daniels. Of course, his grandmother says he was a great kid. What grandmother wouldn't? I can only base my assumptions by some clues given within the articles I've read on the tragic shooting:

Relatives of Jawaan Daniels say the 15-year-old was rarely one to get into trouble before he was gunned down Friday afternoon on Buffalo’s West Side.

-Notice the word rarely was used instead of never. Was he ever suspended from school? What was his attendance like? He was a 15 year old freshman who was not in school on the day he was shot at 10AM. Had he ever appeared before a judge in juvenile court? Were police familiar with him?

Jawaan was the second oldest of 20 grandchildren for Jacqueline Jones, who said she raised Daniels from infancy until he was 10.

-(Red flag )Where were his parents in all of this? It's a question the Buffalo News didn't want to ask, but is very relevant to how his life ended so abruptly.

Rebeka Brooks, another aunt, said readers and television viewers have typecast Jawaan as someone he is not. She also hopes her nephew’s peers learn a lesson.
“He was no thug,” Brooks said. “It troubles me to see the comments. I don’t understand why people would throw dirt on people’s name. If you ask me, my nephew’s death was a sacrifice. For the youth, it was a wake-up call.”

It serves no purpose to smear someone's name after their death and I have no respect for people that leave anonymous racist rants on news websites. What does that accomplish? Jawaan Daniels may very well have been a good kid at the wrong place at the wrong time. We don't know what happened. I do agree that his death should serve as a wake up call to the community.

The breakdown of the family is a bigger problem than poverty in this country. The rural town of Sherman is very poor. However, their schools are receiving accolades for reaching their students. Asian families come here with nothing and live 20 people to a house. What do these groups share? Strong families and accountability.
Family says shooting victim was ‘good boy’ : City & Region : The Buffalo News

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