Monday, June 7, 2010

Batavia woman charged with adultery

You don't see this every day. In Batavia, a couple were charged with public lewdness for having sex in a park in broad daylight on Friday. The woman, 41 year old Suzanne Corona ( incidentally, a hot mom) was also charged with adultery.
People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. But since I live in a wooden house... Is this Batavia or Iran? The woman was given the additional charge because she is married and the cops happened to know this. I can see the public lewdness charge, but adultery?Why is this law even on the books in 2010? Affairs like this happen every day. Come on Batavia police department. Are you serious? In other news, someone from Cheektowaga was given a citation for ripping the tag off of a mattress.

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