Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jim Keane has found his way back from Florida

Politics has been around for a long time in Western New York and it's not about to change. That's why none of the people involved in it upset me or are even worth getting worked up over. They're mostly guys who stayed away from contact sports and just made a choice to put their integrity up for sale early on in life. They are not the Hollywood stars they think they are. In fact, most are merely backups and second stringers. I don't waste my time debating them or arguing with them in public. Most are so stupid, I would just consider it to be an exercise in futility.

I noticed Jim Keane at a recent gathering and I just had to laugh. The weather has finally turned and he's returned from Florida, living off the money he's stolen from Western New York taxpayers over the years. Talk about a bad used car salesman. The voters around here told him what they thought of him in 2007. He had every union endorsement and a Democratic enrollment advantage of 100,000 people when he ran for County Executive. Yet, he somehow managed to get his clock cleaned by the unknown Chris Collins. Maybe it was the fact that he had already had left Western New York for Florida years earlier. Maybe it was the fact that people finally started to see through his Billy Fuccillo type comedy routine and decided to pull the curtain on the thirty-some year practical joke we call his political career.

The funniest thing I remember from Keane's failed bid (besides Paul Clark's commercials) was when Keane was exposed for lying about his service in Vietnam. How low can one stoop to obtain votes? Keane pulled a Richard Blumenthal and boasted about fighting in the war at some speaking engagements. The only thing this guy has ever fought for is politically appointed jobs for his relatives.

Later, when pressed by the equally annoying Clark, Keane admitted that he was actually shuffling papers in Thailand while less fortunate people his age were being flown home in coffins from Vietnam. Thanks for coming clean, liar.

The next time you see me at a public gathering, come over and pay the proper respects to your local blogger. I really would like the opportunity to hear some of your "war" stories. For example, did you ever get any nasty paper cuts during your extensive military career? Did you receive the militiary's purple stapler award? You sold out and fleeced the neighborhood of all it's money years ago. Please go away,stay in Florida, and enjoy living off of our hard earned money.

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