Friday, June 25, 2010

Bruno's "friends" give judge an offer he can't refuse

Only in Albany could a political corruption case be marred by, of all things, political corruption. Joey "the chin" Bruno was not just accused of corruption. He was convicted of it in May:

Lawyers for the once-powerful Republican legislative leader began working on trying to undo the conviction, which was based on charges that Bruno deprived the public of his honest services as he got rich with outside business dealings.

I understand the whole innocent until proven guilty thing. The problem is he has been proven guilty. He was sentenced to jail for blatantly violating the public's trust. Bruno has yet to spend a day in jail. Why? He has too much power:

Bruno, 81, was sentenced in May to two years in prison, though the judge has allowed him to remain free while awaiting the high court rulings.

Wouldn't it be great if the law applied to all of us? Bruno is allowed to remain free, based on the possibility that his case might be overturned. Who is this judge and who is he being bought off by? Looks like someone gave him an offer he just couldn't refuse. I'd love to see his freezer and all the one hundred dollar bills that probably occupy the inside of it. At what point did our country cease being a Democracy? The sad part is, this stuff has become so common, it doesn't even surprise the average citizen anymore. It is just accepted as par for the course.

Ruling gives Bruno hope on appeal : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

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