Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Orchard Park-Most racist city in America

Orchard Park's not a racist community. You're welcome to live there if you're black (as long as you play for the Buffalo Bills.) People, Inc. has taken the rare step of suing the town after the town blocked the agency from building senior apartments. The leaders of the town requested zip codes in an effort to keep people from Buffalo and Lackawanna out.

Sorry Orchard Park. We don't want to live in your shit town anyway. I hope you get sued and Al Sharpton comes here and pisses on your lawns. East Aurora and Holland are much nicer anyway. From the Buffalo News article:

"This request was intended to learn whether residents of Carnation had come from the more racially diverse cities of Lackawanna and Buffalo," the complaint states.
Town officials denied charges of discrimination last year, stating they were concerned about providing services, and concerned about the loss of industrial land where the project would be built.

Stop lying Orchard Park. These vague terms aren't going to let you squirm out of this one. Just come out and admit the truth. Can't we all just get along?

Orchard Park housing bias cited : Southern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

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