Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter to the editor- Stachowski's van

This letter writer talks about how Bill Stachowski is attempting to use government funds to buy off groups for his upcoming election:

Bow to Stachowski is sorely misplaced

Recently, I was driving through the Orchard Park-West Seneca area and saw a spanking new white van which I had to follow for a very short distance. The van was the property of a Social Services agency. Printed on the van in large letters is a message very similar to this: “Thank you, Bill Stachowski, for securing the government funds that purchased this van solely through your own efforts” (words to this effect).
I am happy that a needy group that does good has a new vehicle it can put into use. However, I abhor this “free advertising” for a New York State legislator who has not distinguished himself and whose long term value to his constituents is being closely scrutinized in light of his re-election bid.
Isn’t Stachowski just doing his job for his constituents when he secures these funds? Does he deserve fostering and accepting “sole credit” for this van? After all, government funds are, in the end result, taxpayer funds. He didn’t pay for the van, we did!
Bill Browne

It should be illegal for politicians' names to be be displayed on anything public: vans, signs, buildings, etc. Those days are over. The public no longer looks at these people as movie stars. We're onto them. Their jobs are supposed to be temporary, yet they do things like this to stay in office indefinitely. Bill Stachowski did not pay for that van. You and I did with our ridiculously high taxes. Whoever runs that group should be promptly arrested for pandering. Have some respect for yourself.

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