Friday, June 18, 2010

Maybe they should have just kept the parks closed

It's nice to know Congressman Eric Massa is making good use of his newfound free time. It's always funny when they catch priests, judges, teachers and politicians deep in the parks looking for new friends. I don't know why they even arrest these guys. Most of the time, they just get off anyway. Oh. Wait a minute. What did I just say?...

Police sting at Lancaster park nets three on male sex-related charges

In response to complaints from park users, Lancaster police this week ran a sting operation aimed at men who solicit other men for sex in the rest-rooms and wooded areas of Como Lake Park.
Town police say they receive complaints each year from parkgoers who were approached for sex or who see men having sex in the woods along the park’s nature trails.
Police arrested two men and a youth on charges of forcible touching or public lewdness during the undercover operation Tuesday, Detective Capt. Timothy R. Murphy said.
The reports of public sexual behavior and sexual solicitation typically start up again in the spring and summer at Como Lake Park, Murphy said.
Lancaster isn’t alone in facing this problem. For years, Ellicott Creek Park in the Town of Tonawanda was known as a venue where men met each other for quick, anonymous sex, despite the risk of arrest.

Police sting at Lancaster park nets three on male sex-related charges : Eastern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

Lancaster police have released this footage of the bust to the public. No word yet on which parks Western New York's anonymous women are meeting at...

There's Something About Mary - Rest Stop Bust

There's Something About Mary MySpace Video

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