Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Comerford's comments expose the city to a potential lawsuit

Some neighbors are complaining about all the crime taking place lately in front of Club Chit Chat on Clinton. That's strange, since strip clubs in poor neighborhoods are usually known for their upscale clientele. Buffalo's new Inspections Commissioner, East Aurora residency violator Jim Comerford, may have exposed the city to potential litigation with these comments in today's Buffalo News:

Inspections Commissioner James W. Comerford said he thinks there have been too many problems at the club.
"We've got to do something to put a stop to it," Comerford told lawmakers Monday when the controversy was discussed at a pre-meeting caucus. "We'll get our guys out there."

Had "his guys" gone over there and cited the owner, it would have been one thing. But to say you are going to do just that in a public meeting is admitting that you are specifically targeting a business owner before even looking at his property.

So now, the city will send it's South Buffalo political hacks club over there to throw the book at the owner. I hope the owner hires a high priced attorney to say they are being unfairly targeted based on Comerford's ridiculous comment. He basically is saying, "We don't know that they are doing anything wrong but we are going to send our inspections guys out and find something wrong with the building."

I would also would like to remind the owner to question Jim Comerford's residency while he's at it. It is common knowledge that he lives in East Aurora. As just another tourist, he should have no authority over what takes place on Clinton Street in the city of Buffalo anyway. We certainly don't answer to him or any of his friends in my neighborhood.
Common Council putting the heat on Club Chit Chat : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

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