Friday, June 11, 2010

Kane wins Stanley Cup for South Buffalo

It was great to see Pat Kane score in OT on Wednesday night to defeat the Philadelphia Flyers and win the Stanley Cup. While I still think his aunt Garbage Tax is overpaid by about $50,000/year and his uncle Jim should move back into the city, I was happy to see this kid succeed.

When everything happened last summer involving the cabbie, I felt it wasn't the Pat Kane I've grown to know (albeit a little) over the years. I remember Kane as a great youth soccer player as a young kid. He also attended almost every one of his sisters' games every summer, even after he was named the NHL's Rookie of the Year. I remember last year in a championship game, the ball went out of bounds at Cazenovia's Potters Rd. Field. The ball was rolling towards the creek and Kane the spectator jumped out of his chair and ran after it to keep the game going. I always enjoyed talking to Kane and his father,Tiki, as his junior career skyrocketed right before he was drafted.

How many elite athletes has Buffalo really produced over the years? Christian Laetner had a solid pro career but he will best be remembered for his unbelievable shot at Duke. Jimmy Arius was one of the top tennis players in the world but I never heard him mention Buffalo. (He may have, but I was very young when he made his great run). Cliff Robinson was an underrated basketball player. He was very good but not a superstar in the NBA. Ron Jaworski has done so much for Lackawanna, they tried to take his name off of the stadium on South Park. Having seen Kane for many years in the neighborhood, I was not surprised to hear him mention his family and his city right after the most important goal of his life. Since the Sabres flat out stink, it was nice to have a Buffalo connection to the Stanley Cup.

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