Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Commie bastards

How do you know the people living next door to you aren't Russian spies? You see them in line at Dairy Queen. They look normal, but then again, so did these 11"Americans". Some were using the names of dead people. Others had ficticious jobs. They were given bank accounts, cars, and houses in exchange for providing information to the Russian government about science and financial types.

Why couldn't I get in on this? Don't they need spies from Buffalo?
When asked about the arrests, a spokesperson for the Russian President said they were unaware of any arrests. That's pretty funny, since I've read about them on every news site in the country over the last couple of days. Maybe, the Russian leaders just aren't up on current events these days.
US officials say they were tipped off to the Russian "sleeper" agents after learning that hot women had been spotted at parties appearing actually interested in talking to scientists and engineers about their jobs.

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