Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two young lives cut short to drownings

While I think it's sad that two lives were lost last week due to drowning, I don't think the city is responsible in any way. The parents of the teenagers spoke to the Buffalo News:

"My concern is they don't open the swimming pools early enough in the season. They wait until summer, and it is already hot when the kids are in school," said Tammy M. Torres, Gary's mother. "Now they're talking about closing beaches, and the kids are running out of places to go."

With city swimming pools not scheduled to open until early July, Torres said that puts some children in a difficult situation when trying to beat the heat.

Torres also said that she could not afford to pay for swimming lessons for her children.

"I honestly wish they would come up with some kind of volunteer program for teaching swimming. My boys wanted to take swimming lessons at our community pool at Cazenovia and Abbott, but I didn't have the money for the swimming lessons," Torres said.

From what I'm told by recreation workers, the behavior at the public pools all over the city is atrocious. The kids do not know how to act responsibly in public. Swim lessons are not that expensive, you just have to look around. I also know most groups are willing to help out and accommodate families when there is a financial need. The problem is many people can afford things yet try to get them for free, ruining it for those truly in need. Also, smaller, cheaper backyard pools are a viable option. People have money for cigarettes, alcohol, video games, etc. but they expect the government to provide everything else for them. It is not the government's job to raise your children.
Drownings point to need for caution : City & Region : The Buffalo News

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