Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bass Pro Study

I don't know about this study or the motives behind it. These two characters from the non-profit group Public Accountability Initiative look like they might distrust the government more than I do. However, I don't see why taxpayers should be on the hook for a $35 million dollar subsidy. I don't think downtown needs a corporation to be successful. The city should take a stand and build things there on it's own. I like the way they currently have it set up. It's a naturally beautiful area. To me, the corporate store wouldn't add anything to the equation.

Why not use the space for locally owned stores? Bass Pro is not the regional draw it once claimed to be. There are currently stores in Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse. Initially, that was the big attraction to the deal. Even they admit it is no longer true. Let local people decide what those coming to the spot might want to buy and set up shop. This city has no shortage of unemployed entrepreneurs.
I could be wrong (believe it or not, it wouldn't be the first time) and would be interested in hearing others' opinions on this...

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