Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When is Barton's trial?

I see they're having a trial for the young girl in the McKinley High School fiasco from a few years back:
Trial of Kincannon, relatives on schedule

The jury trial of former McKinley High School basketball star Jayvonna Kincannon, her grandmother and an aunt remained on schedule after City Judge Debra L. Givens got prosecutors to agree Monday to an earlier-than-normal- release of prosecution files to the defense team.
Kincannon, 19; and her grandmother Marsha Jones, 54, both of Wade Avenue; and her aunt, Darlene Fitzgerald, 40, of Kensington Avenue, face resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, obstructing governmental administration and noncriminal harassment counts. The were arrested for allegedly fighting with eight police officers last July 29 while trying to help a mentally impaired woman allegedly being harassed by neighbors.

Any word on when the trial for McKinley Principal Crystal Barton is scheduled? Barton is known to have used the students' class dues to pay for her and her husband to go to Europe for free. She's also been accused of stealing from the vending machines at the school. Both felonies were completely ignored by the district. What a great role model for students. I'm sure this Kincannon (who is not a basketball star) is not the angel the media portrays her to be. But look at some of the people in education she's had to look up to. Barton is a joke. Here is a collection from Artvoice of stories that have appeared regarding her in the Buffalo News over the years:

■ June 20, 2000
2 PRINCIPALS REBUKED OVER EUROPE TRIP—Principal Crystal Barton is criticized for joining the McKinley H.S. chorus on a European trip as a chaperone where her husband, Robert Barton, then principal of Kensington H.S, joined her. Although students had to pay their portion of the $44,253 nine-day trip, Crystal went for free and her husband chipped in $717 at the last minute without first getting approval from his boss. Their combined salaries at the time were $198,844.
(On June 21, 2000, this story was also picked up by the Associated Press and circulated worldwide.)

■ June 27, 2000
A PRINCIPAL EMBARRASSMENT—News editorial criticizing the Barton’s free trip. Then School Board President Paul Buchanan is quoted asking, “‘In what other job in America can you earn $100,000, on Friday fax your administrator that you’re going to Europe’ and then leave the following Monday without waiting to get an OK?”

• June 27, 2000
PRINCIPAL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF—A letter in the Viewpoints section from a parent whose daughter was a member of the McKinley chorus, but did not travel to Europe. Nevertheless, the girl sold candy to help raise money for her classmates who were going on the trip. The parents also paid admission to the chorus’ spring recital, to raise money for the European excursion.

• August 29, 2000
DAYE’S STAY AT NICHOLS MAY TURN OUT TO BE A SHORT ONE—Then McKinley coach Willie “Hutch” Jones claims he was forced out of his coaching job at McKinley by Barton, to make room for James Daye—who is embroiled in the current controversy.
The recent story in the News also quoted Williams as telling the McKinley students that they “have the best principal and the best school.” Read more:

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