Monday, June 7, 2010

Removing the skyway

Councilmember Kearns is proposing to have another study on the cost of removing the Skyway. Congressman Brian Higgins is opposed to another study and says the cost of removing it will be about $45 million.

Everyone seems to agree that it needs to go. It is unsafe and a barrier to progress on the waterfront. What's funny in this clip is the tension displayed by Higgins. (Maybe the blog is getting to him.) He says at one point, "We encourage those around us to work constructively." I'd like to know who he means by "we". Since Kearns was elected after beating Higgins' handpicked yes man (Jeff Conrad), Higgins has excluded Kearns from one press conference after another. He invites Mark Schroeder and Tim Kennedy but not Kearns. To Schroeder's credit, he has reached out to Kearns and has tried to stay above the fray. Higgins doesn't want Kearns' input on the waterfront because then Kearns might get credit for any improvements.

To hear Higgins imply Kearns needs to work constructively as part of a team is laughable. Why would he work to be part of your team when you've excluded him from your team from day one? Here is the story from Channel 2. Decide for yourself:

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