Saturday, June 12, 2010


This guy Ron is fed up. Upset about the way he was treated during a traffic stop, he stands on a Kensington Expressway overpass with a shirt that reads "stop police corruption". Ron dresses in all black clothing (Raiders fan perhaps?). Thursday, he took things one step too far and put on a gas mask. He was arrested. After his arrest, he went right back to the bridge. This time without the mask.

Who knows what happened during the incident in question? Ron could be a guy with misdirected anger towards the police, or he could have been pushed too far. I personally think the gas mask stunt was foolish on his part. Being upset with the police doesn't give one a license to potentially cause an accident. However, he should be able to protest peacefully as long as he is not creating a disturbance.

People in a democracy have the right to choose what type of norms they want to live by. Most Americans I know do not want to live in a police state. During odd hours, you are at great risk of being pulled over, harassed, and ticketed if you drive through towns like Tonawanda, Kenmore, or Hamburg. The villages are even worse. I hope Kevin Gaughan is successful in dissolving all of them.

If someone is driving drunk or texting while driving, they should be ticketed and/or arrested. However, what we have now is not about safety. Don't kid yourself. Everyone knows it's a money making tax for the city, town and the state. Authorities use the guise of safety to perpetrate their ongoing scam on the public. Times are very tough right now for many. Some of these tickets are quickly given under very questionable circumstances. People like Ron are mad as hell, Carl, and they're not going to take it anymore.

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