Saturday, June 19, 2010

Letter to the editor- school suspensions

I've been pretty tough on the Buffalo Public Schools and superintendent Williams, but I think it's only fair to point out when they are unjustly criticized. I agree with this former Lafayette High School student that the suspension of a Lafayette student last week had nothing to do with his subsequent murder.

School isn’t to blame for death of student

The needless and tragic death of a Lafayette High School student last week has prompted finger pointing in the wrong direction. The school policy should not be blamed. Should a student be suspended for wandering the halls instead of being in a classroom? Yes. If you skip a class and wander the hallways, you get disciplined. A student gets suspended only after being previously warned.
It’s not a new policy by any means. I graduated Lafayette in the late ’60s and that policy was in place then. Does a suspended 15-year-old need an adult to come to school to pick him up? No. A 15-year-old student doesn’t need an adult to accompany him to and from school every day, so why is an adult needed to accompany said student sent home on a suspension? Bottom line: If the student was sitting in class instead of wandering the halls, there would have been no tragedy.
Len Sperrazza

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