Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter to the editor-State parks police

One of the Nigrellis (Does it really matter which one?) wrote this letter to the Buffalo News in response to an angry ticket recipient:

It is wrong to blame troopers for ticketing

A recent letter writer complained about New York State troopers issuing parking tickets to vehicles in closed parks. The letter writer then contends that troopers are harassing law-abiding citizens. Finally, the letter writer suggests that law enforcement officials should not wonder why people rooted for Ralph Phillips even after he shot New York State troopers.

I want to set the record straight. The fact is that the primary law enforcement agency responsible for the state parks is the New York State Parks Police. New York State troopers were not responsible for this parking enforcement activity. The letter writer’s agitation with the New York State Police was based on his mistaken thought that we issued the parking tickets.

Current and retired members of the New York State Police are proud of the achievements and honored tradition of this fine police agency. I know the vast majority of the public supports the troopers in their daily efforts to perform their duties. I sincerely hope the letter writer reconsiders his negative view of the New York State Police. We are here to serve, protect, and defend the people while preserving the rights and dignity of all!
Captain Michael P. Nigrelli
Zone Commander

So, if you're scoring at home, it's not the state troopers that are harassing park goers. It's the state parks police. This is obviously an attempt at self promotion by Nigrelli (something they are very good at). Hey, zone commander. Here's an interesting concept: Go out and arrest criminals and stop trying to get your name in the paper or your picture on TV. Are you guys law enforcement or Hollywood actors? The letter writer should not have mentioned Bucky Phillips, but was right to complain about the overzealous, power hungry parks police who used bad judgement. They had no business ticketing the citizens who pay their salaries.

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