Thursday, June 10, 2010

Helen Thomas

I admit that I didn't know too much about Helen Thomas. I knew she was the annoying lady that sat in the front row with the White House Press Corps and asked many tough questions of Presidents. In fact, she has covered every President since Eisenhauer.

The 89 year old reporter was forced to resign last week after saying the Jews should get out of Palestine, after seeing the footage of Israel shooting the protesters on the boats. Thomas was a liberal. While I tend to be towards the middle, I do respect her right to share her opinions, just like I respect the rights of idiots like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to share theirs.

Maybe there's more to this story. I just think her views helped her create many enemies over the years. In an interview with Fidel Castro, USA Today founder Al Neuharth asked the Cuban leader what the difference was between democracy in Cuba and democracy in the United States. Castro replied, "I don't have to answer questions from Helen Thomas." I just hope this new war on the 1st Amendment doesn't apply to local bloggers...

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