Friday, June 25, 2010

Cunningham puts residency requirement on the table

The city and the fire union cannot agree on a contract. No new news here. This time, the union's president, Dan Cunningham, added a residency requirement for all new firefighters on the table. Interesting, considering for years, union members have said the lack of a residency requirement doesn't hurt the city. They also like to cite the "importance" of the Taylor Law. Here are Cunningham's comments:

Union President Daniel Cunningham said the plan included a key concession that would require all firefighters hired in the future to live in the city for the duration of their careers.
“It would add to the quality of life in the City of Buffalo and increase its tax base,” Cunningham said.

Are you listening Bob Meegan? James Kane? Dave Thomas? Somebody out there is finally agreeing with the residents. Lets hope this concession is a sign of things to come...
Talks between city, firefighters break down : City & Region : The Buffalo News


  1. Any update on the spat between the BFD & the city on the disagreement regarding the payment of funeral expenses? Haven't seen any resolution or mention of it anywhere recently.

  2. the city agreed to pay for all the costs except those involving alcohol consumption according to this article...
    Firefighter funerals cost debate is settled

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