Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Letter to the editor- Caz Carnival

Marty Farrell calls for the discontinuation of the Cazenovia Carnival due to violence and tomfoolery.
Cazenovia Carnival should be scrapped
While I applaud Assemblyman Mark Schroeder’s efforts to revitalize South Buffalo, I think it’s time he asked the Cazenovia Carnival not to return. Each year the number of arrests escalates and I don’t think the budget for police should be wasted on this nonsense. This event that does not make South Buffalo shine, and I hope it becomes a memory before a more serious incident occurs.
Marty Farrell
West Seneca

I agree with Marty. This carnival has become nothing short of an excuse to fight for local teenagers. Most people will not allow their own kids to attend. Law enforcement and the organizors have tried to work with the event goers, but they are not interested in cooperating. It has gotten worse over the years. On a side note, Marty's 250th letter puts him in exclusive company with Kenneth Rummenie and Tony Hammil as Western New York's most prolific opinion writers.

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