Sunday, June 13, 2010

International Update-Kyrgyzstan

The death toll is now up to 97 in the Russian state of Kyrgyzstan. 1,200 are injured in some of the worst violence in recent history. Not a situation one should make lite of.

I couldn't believe the explanation local authorities tried to give for the riot and the anarchy that soon followed. From the Washington Post:

Local authorities have said the violence was touched off by a brawl in a restaurant over a dinner bill. But Otunbayeva accused supporters of the recently ousted former president, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, of fanning unrest to undermine her government before a referendum this month on a new constitution.

Wow. That must have been some dinner bill. I mean, I've had bad service at Jacobi's but come on... Russia remains one of the most unstable places on earth. The Russian government says it will not intervene as this is a "domestic matter." The Kremlin is scheduled to consult with regional allies Monday to intervene in the matter. These guys are very quick to respond to a crisis. They should come to New York and work for our legislature, as they'd fit right in apparently.

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