Sunday, June 20, 2010

East Aurora Jim sells us out for $85,000/yr.

When "East Aurora" Jim Comerford drives past South Buffalo on the 400 on his way to work every morning, he must think: it's a nice place to take money from but I'm too important to live there. Comerford was recently awarded for selling out your neighborhood and mine to mayor Byron Brown. Fortunately, one publication is calling him out on it. We are holding our collective breath to see if he will cease becoming a residency violator and move into Buffalo. Can I please have some of my hard earned money back? This comment from a Buffalo News reader sums it up pretty accurately:
"What government in Erie County would be complete without a Comerford? administrations come and go, but the Comerford family will get their half million dollars in public salaries no matter who is in power"...

Comerford named to head permits, inspections
The man who has been steering efforts to revamp Buffalo’s permits and inspections process has been tapped by Mayor Byron W. Brown to serve as the department’s permanent commissioner.
Brown nominated James W. Comerford to become commissioner of permit and inspection services. Comerford has been deputy commissioner for nearly three years and most recently has served as interim head of inspections as the city overhauls the department.
Assuming the Council confirms his appointment to the $85,000-a-year job, Comerford will run a department that no longer oversees economic development.
PS: East Aurora Jim- Do not talk to me. I don't answer to you. I might be part of the have-nots, but you're opinion means nothing to me. I do not want anything to do with you. I simply represent a large portion of your former neighbors who are sick of political prostitutes such as yourself selling out their neighborhoods in exchange for their 30 pieces of silver. There is nothing (short of violence) you can do to stop me from expressing my opinions. You will never intimidate me.

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