Sunday, June 20, 2010

Letter to the editor- National Rip off

After reading this ridiculous letter in today's paper, I have two questions: Who is Richard Lee and What is he personally trying to gain from National Fuel? This is the same monopoly that raised our heating bills a few years ago, saying the previous winter wasn't cold enough! Richard T. Lee: Show some pride in yourself. You obviously have both hands out and are looking for something (job, donation, ???). "Selfless involvement in our community"? You are a freaking embarrassment to genuine asskissers everywhere. Did you really just take the time to fawn over the biggest corporate crooks in the greater Buffalo/Niagara region? Man, when you were born, instead of slapping you on the behind, the doctor should have slapped your mother...

National Fuel is making investment in community

Dave Smith and his team at National Fuel have for many years assisted hardworking neighbors who have struggled with their gas bills. This corporate understanding and involvement is appreciated, as is its consistent efforts to work with neighborhood associations.
Recently, National Fuel increased its selfless involvement in our community by assigning a senior executive to function as deputy Erie County executive at no cost to the taxpayer. This is a significant investment in our community, especially for a company that has major business activities not only in North America but in other continents as well.

Richard T. Lee
Executive Director, Block Clubs and Neighborhood Associations, Buffalo

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