Monday, April 12, 2010

Residents want to see salaries at the Board of Education

Buffalo's highest paid residency violator-James Kane

In today's paper, Buffalo superintendent James Williams says the Buffalo schools are broke and he's asking for help from the city.

“Never before in my five-year tenure as superintendent have I been faced with a budget situation that I could not handle internally,” Williams said in a letter to Common Council President David A. Franczyk. “However, this year is presenting challenges that the district cannot solve by itself. The board and I are reaching out to the Common Council and the mayor to assist the district in these very trying times.”

Williams previously said that the school system will be forced to lay off 680 staff members — or nearly 10 percent of its work force — if Gov. David A. Paterson’s proposed state aid cuts are enacted.

This is all just talk. I don't believe Williams is serious. It's just a weak attempt to get people all worked up. Don't talk about it Jimmy Boy. Do it! I really like Mickey Kearns' response to Williams' idle threat:

Any increase in city education aid would have to come with some “strings attached,” said South Council Member Michael P. Kearns, chairman of the Council’s Finance Committee.
“We can’t maintain a top-heavy administration in our education system,” Kearns said. “If there’s any increase in city aid, then we need to make sure it goes into the classrooms for teachers — not to high-paid administrators.”
Kearns plans to ask the school system to provide a list of administrative salaries. In prior years, the Council has balked at what lawmakers considered bloated bureaucracy in the school system.

If Williams wants the money so bad, he should be willing to provide residents with the list Kearns is requesting. We have the right to know how many Comerfords are getting paychecks and how much money residency violator James Kane brings to the suburbs each year. The ball is in Williams' court. My prediction is that he doesn't want the council, teachers, or residents to know all the salaries in his administration. I will be in contact with Kearns to make sure he stays on this issue. Enquiring minds want to know...
City is facing $24 million deficit next year : City & Region : The Buffalo News


  1. Meanwhile special education services are getting cut and children are falling through the cracks because their problems are behavioral not academic or because they have a social disorder and just get labeled as being a problem but nothing is done to address it because there isn't any money.

  2. they are trying really, really hard to save money. a new positions has been created: associate superintendent of humanities. rumor has it is going to be ann magavero botticelli the current director of english and libraries. she's well connected and never taught a minute in buffalo or taught anywhere for that matter. we can bet her position will be filled by 2 people.

  3. thank you. people have a right to know what these people are doing. talking out of both sides of their mouth and lying.