Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Higgins throws Paladino under a Greyhound bus

The Paladino campaign fired back today at the sources of his email leaks. While acknowledging that the emails were in bad taste and apologizing to anyone offended by them, Paladino campaign manager Michael Caputo contends that the source of the leak was none other than Congressman Brian Higgins:

" "If you get in this race, this is how I will hurt you,' " Caputo quoted the friend, blaming Higgins for leaking the e-mails.
"He will squirm and hide under a rock and deny it," Caputo said. "But this is a state Democratic Party hit delivered by Brian Higgins and a liberal Democratic blogger. The timing of it was measured very carefully."
Caputo said he now views the situation as "war, and believe me, we are heavily armed."

Brian Higgins is a good guy. I will always remember him as a young councilman. He worked hard to help me with the soccer program in the early years. But I think he has begun to be more Washington minded than constituent minded in recent years. A few years ago, he secured the appointments of Jeff Conrad and Tim Kennedy, two yes-men, to the Common Council and County Legislature, respectively. The South Buffalo Committeemen made the ultimate recommendation. But those members all follow Higgins' lead (in exchange for jobs for themselves and their family members.)Two years ago, he opened up a headquarters for Senator Bill Stachowski and told residents we needed more of Stachowski's 30 year"representation" in Albany. Last year, he actively helped Byron Brown against one of South Buffalo's own neighbors, councilman Mickey Kearns. Now, this year, he is working with megaweasel Steve Pigeon in an effort to unseat Stachowski, a guy two years ago he said we absolutely needed to reelect. Which is it? Higgins is too good of a guy to lower himself with the likes of Pigeon.

And now this. Paladino's emails were in poor taste. However, let's not forget how he got rid of the tolls and has fought for the average WNY resident. It seems odd that Higgins would oppose a man that has stood up for his constituents. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
Paladino draws derision from left and right : Home: The Buffalo News

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