Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jim Kelly's first game as a Buffalo Bill

One of the things I miss about my old job is talking to the clients about things. One of my old clients, Scott, was a huge sports fan. Every winter, we would talk about hockey. Every fall, we would talk football. He often said he hated the Bills but always seemed to bring them up. We had an ongoing debate for years regarding Jim Kelly's first game as a Bill against the New York Jets.

This was the game where the referee (Ben Dright) tried to make a call in which Kelly and a New York Jet Defensive Lineman got into a fight. Bills fans were probably shocked to see their quarterback fighting with a lineman. Dright called a 15 yard penalty against the Jet for "giving Kelly the business".

Scott swore for years that it was Mark Gastineau, then changed it to Joe Klecko. I told Scott I was pretty sure it was #93 Marty Lyons. Scott finally decided to end the debate when Kelly had an autograph session recently at the Boulevard Mall for Hunter's Hope. He showed up for the session with all his Miami Dolphins gear on to ask Kelly himself. I didn't expect him to call me while he was at the table talking to Kelly. This is the actual message he left me that day...

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