Friday, April 30, 2010

Dale Volker's retiring: good riddance bohunk.

Dale Vulture resigned from office today saying he has "no regrets". Western NY residents have had 38 years of regrets, the number of years Vulture has preyed on our wallets. In fact, since 1944, Vulture's family has held this seat for all but six years. They got a lot done, didn't they?

The worst political commercial I ever saw was Volker's two years ago where he was at some picnic telling stooges, "I'll get back to you!" Volker is also famous for opposing the removal of the thruway tolls, yet having the nerve to show up and take credit for their removal. Maybe he is most famous for calling some protester a bohunk. I guess it's a derogatory term in some parts of Depew? Don't ask me to explain it.
Vulture, please promise we will never see your kids' or grandchildrens' name attached to anything in Western NY unless it is a bowling alley in Riverside. Go enjoy the nice pension you stole from Western New York taxpayers and move to Florida like all the other bloodsucking bohunks.
With 'no regrets,' Volker announces retirement : Albany : The Buffalo News

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