Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dr. Williams:Show us the list

Dr Williams, Buffalo schools superintendent, say's the city schools will face a $93 million deficit next year. He says the school system will ask the common council for additional aid this year. Lawmaker Mickey Kearns has publicly called for a list of administrative salaries and positions at the board of education. Williams refuses to disclose them saying the funding for his central staff makes up only 1.5% of overall spending. This all sounds good but then I get emails like this:

They are trying really, really hard to save money. a new position has been created: associate superintendent of humanities. rumor has it is going to be ann magavero botticelli the current director of english and libraries. she's well connected and never taught a minute in buffalo or taught anywhere for that matter. we can bet her position will be filled by 2 people.

Dr. Williams: There are a lot of canaries down by the docks. People are now talking about the excessive jobs you control at the board. If you want the money, show the residents the list of all your employees. If you don't, it implies that you have something to hide.

Councilman Kearns: your supporters want to see this list. We will be in contact with you to stay on this. I used to think Dr.Williams was like Joe Clark, but now I'm starting to think he's more like Joe Piscapo...

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