Thursday, April 22, 2010

The superintendent who cried wolf

Buffalo schools superintendent James Williams must have a short memory. Doesn't he remember when Western New Yorkers laughed Joel Giambra off the local political stage when he came up with his infamous red budget/green budget? Giambra was full of crap and so is Williams. Williams says the city might have to lay off 700 employees (200 teachers) in his worst case scenerio/I'm completely bluffing proposed budget.

My message to Dr. Williams remains the same. Don't talk about layoffs. Do them! Until then, most people will simply view it as another empty threat by you. Still no response from Dr. Williams on Councilman Kearns' request for a list of administrative salaries at the Buffalo Board of Patronage, err, I mean Education. I wonder what they are trying to hide over there.

These big city superintendents are like bad NFL coaches that keep getting recycled and rewarded for their incompetence. Many teachers are starting to read this site, Big Daddy. If you want to start with layoffs, you might want to consider Buffalo's highest paid residency violator James Kane or Jim Comerford's daughter and the no-show job you created for her. You keep coming with the idle threats and I'll keep exposing them for what they are...
'Worst-case' city school budget would lay off 700 : City & Region : The Buffalo News
Here are some comments under the story:
-Williams has a new Executive Assistant who is paid 73k per year. In addition to hiring a PR person to the tune of 70 or 80k per year. Lets start cutting that fat before we take teachers out of classrooms and aides off buses. What happened to going back to neighborhood schools? That would save the district about 40 million. Not to mention eliminating the problems that arise on the buses. There is no reason to bus students all over the city.
-This fool, Williams, proposes cutting 200 teachers and 500 other employees but only 5 administrators? He needs to be taken back to the woodshed. He is the main problem with the BPS system, not the teachers.
-How about the 4 community superintendents whose salaries total half a million dollars ? What about the 7 salary "cabinet" to the superintendent ?
-They are hiding tons of administrators that are teachers that do not teach any kids. They use to house them off of Babcock street.Keep the teachers in the classrooms. Open more charter schools.
-"Can someone explain to me why teachers have a cosmetic rider?
"High School boys like big boobs.
-Todays parents want public schools to be orphanages. Private schools and porochial schools make it mandatory that parents participate in school/teacher/parent programs, otherwise their kids are kicked out and go to public schools.


  1. Is this your mantra? "Buffalo's highest paid residency violator James Kane or Jim Comerford"

  2. man·tra   /ˈmæntrə, ˈmɑn-, ˈmʌn-/ [man-truh, mahn-, muhn-]
    a word or formula, as from the Veda, chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer.

    I'm not sure what you mean by mantra?

  3. yeah i thought i used it wrong, thank god you pointed that out.

    anyway i see your twin quote... did you read kiplings interview with him, you can find it on scribd

  4. i'm sorry. i thought you were one of my angry critics. where can i find the interview? i'd like to check it out.

  5. I would like to know how they plan to cut teachers and teachers aids? First off many of the teachers aids in the schools are personal aids as said in the students IEP. My son has a personal aide next year and it's written in his IEP, it would cost more for them to try to tell me no though because I would battle them in court!
    Please make sure that parents know there children's educational rights and fight the system. It's bullshit they can have one employee that makes 80 thousand and cut off two that together make about 60k (teachers aids). The teachers aids and teachers are waaaaay more important than any paper pusher. Seriously though spread the word parents have the right to fight all this. The problem is only a few parents are willing to fight or even know they can.
    And what the hell is with the idiots commenting without knowing what they are talking about. Obviously they either don't have children or have their children in one of the Catholic schools.

    I have a beef against charter schools at the moment. We don't even have one that has a program for children with Sensory needs, i know south buffalo charter has the program for children with auditory processing and that's great but it's not enough. Too many children with adhd and autism like symptoms that aren't on the spectrum are getting lost. Social and behavioral problems errupt because there needs aren't getting met in the classroom. I am sure you have noticed working with kids in a gym setting that some kids just have trouble with it. They are hyper but when they get in the gym they shut down, it's the way the noise the echoey noise or the way the lighting is. Maybe it's the itchy gym clothes bothering them or the smell of the balls. Things that don't bother other children really bother these kids to the point of it unbarable to some. That is just an example of what it could be with one kid, the next kid could be different. Point being these little things get taken care of these children will excell.
    Ok a nice long comment back.. hope you find this informative!


    Here is a really great article explaining sensory needs. Since you teach and work with children you should read it. You may find some of this knowledge useful.

  7. One more thing, just because a parent chooses to send their child to public school doesn't mean they won't be involved. Sorry private schools don't measure up for dealing with children with adhd. It's a fact. Also some of us want our children to grow up thinking for themselves and not bombarded with images of christ being beaten in k. Sorry the images I was exposed to in Catholic school where too graphic for my children, i know compared to the what the average kid sees on tv and video games it's nothing. But some of us aren't average.
    If I could send my child to a charter school that met his needs and had to volunteer 12 hours a week to do so I would. But instead the option is a bip and an iep in Public school.
    hahahaha i keep going on sorry!

  8. thank don't have to apologize. i'm glad when someone is passionate about their beliefs. i will read the article on sensory issues. i know. people don't think about these things until they are directly afected by them.

  9. It's just frustrating when most of these children are exceptionally bright but can't buckle down and do the work because they are distracted by either too much or not enough sensory input. Many of them get labeled as being problem children or anti social, when all it is that they have needs not being met.

  10. i couldn't go to the article because the link wasn't live. in my old job i worked with a guy who had aspergers syndrome. people mistook him for being anti social but he sang in the philharmonic and was a computer genius. i also did a story recently about a man who solved some crazy math problem and won $1million. however, he didn't want to leave the house to claim it.

  11. If you google the term sensory processing disorder you will find a ton of information. People with aspergers often have sensory issues as part of there disorder, same with people with adhd, but it also a disorder on it's own.
    I hope this link works.
    It's amazing little things work to help these kids. Like a kid who is constantly seeking movement, a wedge on their chair or a little half ball that helps them balance might help them sit still in class. Or a weighted vest might also help. There body is just seeking that movement and they can't help it. That would be more along the line of a child with adhd than a child with aspergers. Although some children aith aspergers do seek quite a bit of movement as well.

  12. great great great!