Friday, April 9, 2010

CEO Comerford's "friends"

CEO Comerford,

People keep telling me I need to go out and investigate this and investigate that. But why should I when my readers are out pounding the pavement daily finding relevant information such as this?:

Dave has a lot of ' friends'. Like the friends of byron brown $3500. Jim keane $600, tim howard $250, bonnie russel $200,jessica maglieto $100, peter savage $100 , tim kennedy, joe golembek and antoine thompson are all his friends too if you look up comerford on the erie county board of elections site. Mary comerford from the same address gave the same amount of money to the same people as did a jim comerford. What giving people!

I know I'm a nobody from the ghetto and probably not even worthy enough to mow your lawn, CEO. But since 800-1000 people (mostly Buffalo residents) read my blog every week, would you or one of your relatives care to enlighten us as to the motives behind for your terrific sense of altruism? I bought a candy bar off some kid at school the other day. Where's my $105,900.00 job?


  1. For the South Buffalo upperclass you might want to use words they understand. They have trouble with big words and alturism is a word I am sure they aren't familar with at all. Giving without expecting a favor back? What's that!

  2. No. I'm sure the Comerfords just made all these donations because they like the issues these candidates stand for. It's just another example of great civic duty on their part. Please forward this article and help educate people on why their opinions should be viewed as biased.

  3. Im sorry Mike, but your undergrad degree from Mickey Mouse University, along with your Masters from Clown College "entitle" you to a $20,000 job, not $105,000. If people knew, liked or respected you, you would have a good teaching job, or any well-paying job, but they dont. You are a looter. Instead of making something of yourself, you try to drag other people down. You dont donate money to campaigns because you cant, you are poor. A 25 dollar party means you cant get the latest Umbro sweat suit for the coaching season Thats the only reason you dont donate.

  4. Undergrad is from UB. Graduate degree is from Canisius. You're right. I don't "know" anybody. But that's changing now that close to 1000 people watch me make fun of people like you on a weekly basis.

    I'm poor because I don't sell myself to the highest bidder like you obviously do. You still haven't answered the question yet. Backup lineman or backup point guard?

  5. I told you using big words confuses these people. The best they can come up with is an insult about poor people and some line about umbro suits. Like being poor is a crime or something.

    I thought people in South Buffalo were suppose to be working class proud, not elitest scum who think it's cool to be a classist. I don't even agree with many of the things the blog writer said but talking about being poor like it's a sin is not cool. Most poor people who aren't on welfare work their asses off in ways most of us cheap metal spoon feed kids from south buffalo could never understand. 20,000 a year for one isn't really poor, go volunteer with real poor people and learn that they are lepers. Elitest!!!

    No wonder educated black people avoid south buffalo like a plague. Ooo wait they will tell you they aren't racist because they voted for byron brown but call him the N word behind his back.

  6. "You dont donate money to campaigns because you cant, you are poor."

    You are doing a great job of winning the debate. That is all you can come up with? Have another drink.

    "If people knew, liked or respected you, you would have a good teaching job, or any well-paying job, but they dont."

    Check out Facebook. Someone set up a fan club for my blog. 98 fans in 3 days. You might not like me or my work, but apparently others do.

  7. hey d-bag. why don't you tell us about the "incident" in Washington?