Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buffalo Police vs Buffalo Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement in the city of Buffalo is a complete joke. Everyone knows that, and it's a major reason people avoid going downtown. (That, and the only stores left sell inner city street gear.) I'm sure there is probably more going on than they mention in this article. The police are upset because the rent a cop parking enforcers are ticketing their private cars downtown in front of police headquarters.The rent a cops probably got their orders from mayor Steve Casey. Who knows?

Apparently, the police are now going around trying to ticket the parking enforcers for seat belt violations! These people act like they are still in high school. If I was a cop and I read the article in today's paper, I'd be personally embarrassed. You got people breaking into legally parked cars left and right and you're spending your time playing high school games with the parking cops?

I worked downtown for six years. The parking cops are out of control. Half the meters are broken yet they constantly give out tickets in an overzealous manner. Someone parked in front of a fire hydrant deserves a ticket. However, in other close cases, they should give the car owner the benefit of the doubt, and they don't. I tried to fight a parking ticket once. The meter was broken. I went before one of the LoTempio political flunkies and of course I didn't stand a chance. Parking downtown is a big money grab for all the crooks in city hall. It's just funny to hear the police say they are short on manpower yet they have the time to drive around and engage in this type of petty behavior. How about going after the people downtown that are committing real crimes on a daily basis? I could tell you the exact locations where the smash and grabbers operate. If the police officers lived in Buffalo, they might be more concerned about quality of life issues. Lots of comments underneath this article...
Parking enforcers cry foul as cops get even : Home: The Buffalo News

I'm not the only one who feels this way. Here is a good letter from today's paper on the same topic:

It’s nice to sever ties with City of Buffalo

I left the city that I once loved 16 years ago, having become fed up with an incompetent City Hall and feeling I had become the prey of City Hall, having been repeatedly ticketed five minutes after alternate parking went into effect on the West Side.

I finally have severed my only link to the city. I sold the property I used to live in, now a rental property, for $55,000, after years of fighting with the city over its tax assessment, last at $120,000. Perhaps the city will reimburse me for the excessive taxes I paid over many years, but I won’t hold my breath.
I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s worth it to never have to deal with the City of Buffalo again.
Gary Waldman
West Valley


  1. hey mike can you please explain your deep hatred for south buffalo politicians, city hall and unions. i personally believe anyone who doesnt believe in unions is a moron but as far as the politics crap goes i agree with you. there is definetly too many people that got jobs because they know someone or their dad does, especially within the city of buffalo. i just think that talking about this topic is like beating a dead horse. we are all mad that we cant have a "good job" handed to us like them. you dont cross me as such a negative guy in person but after reading your blog posts you definetly got a grudge against many people for reasons unknown.

  2. Hi Sean. i don't hate unions. i know they are necessary for things like workplace safety and wages. i know how bad workers would be treated without them. however, i think some unions around here take things too far. cosmetic surgery and pension padding through overtime are two examples. when the police were pulling over city residents on the way to sabres games, it was a clear abuse of power.

    i could have coached suburban kids for much more money than i get now but i chose to work with city kids in soccer for 19 years. just last week, two of our teams beat amherst and clarence to win their travel divisions. i went back to school and got my masters to teach gym in the city. i have no desire to teach suburban kids. now, i've sat and watched the few p.e. jobs available go to the sons and daughters of entitled political hacks. so i might be forced to move out of state to work as a teacher. years of building these great teams will be gone to waste. i'm not angry at these people. many just think they are better than everyone else. my blog is one way of showing them they are not.they don't respect me so i'm not going to respect them.