Sunday, November 28, 2010

Johnson blames God for dropped pass in OT

Athletes are always praising God for their great performances. It's about time one of them blamed HIM for one of their mistakes. Bills Wide Receiver Stevie Johnson blamed his overtime drop on the man upstairs via a Twitter post after the game...

Stevie shouldn't blame God for the drop. Stevie Wonder could've caught that pass.

He's a great receiver who probably just took his eyes off of the ball for a fraction of a second. Maybe he lost concentration and began thinking about what type of celebration he was going to do. If it was Josh Reed, we wouldn't even be talking about a dropped pass. He would have never been open that deep to begin with. Johnson is a great athlete and he will bounce back. Maybe he can ask the guy in this clip for advice...

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  1. I never trust holy rollers that quote bible verses and wear religion on sleeves. They are usually scammers with a hidden agenda.