Monday, November 8, 2010

Pledge controversy in North Collins

The Pledge of Allegiance is igniting controversy in North Collins. Only the first six words are played over the loud speaker. The rest is recited by each individual class at their own pace. The belief is that Kindergartners and eighth graders say it at their own individual pace. One school board member has already resigned in protest. I don't know how we've survived 230 years saying it together. What could we have been thinking?



  1. It is very hypocritical for the students to be asked to say the character pledge but not the Pledge of Allegiance in unison. All of the excuses that are given, like students saying it at a different pace, are ridiculous because they are able to tolerate students saying the character pledge at a different pace. The reason we say the Pledge of Allegiance together is so that we can all be unified in our commitment to defending the flag and the American way if life. Stop making excuses and start dealing with the real issues here. There are obviously people on the school board who have different views about what patriotism really means.

  2. I agree that the pledge should be said in unison, Clay. However, I think we're missing a great opportunity here. Now that all the attention is on N. Collins, I'd like to see the community talk about the plight of homelessness among veterans and the terrible effects of post traumatic stress syndrome. Also, how about us finding jobs for those returning home? As you say, we should start dealing with the real issues. Just my opinion.