Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not newsworthy

Yet another example of why The Buffalo News' Off Main St. is the worst column in local media...

If people at the Westwood Country Club ever need a favor from someone in County Hall or the State Capitol, they won’t have trouble getting their calls returned. An item in Wednesday’s Business pages noted that former Assembly Majority Leader Paul A. Tokasz was elected president of the club’s board of directors.

Further, Robert E. Davis, the former Erie County Republican chairman, is secretary and ex-Erie County Executive Joel A. Giambra—a Democrat turned Republican—is on the board.

“We’re a bipartisan country club,” Tokasz, a Democrat now working as a lobbyist, told Off Main Street.

A member of Westwood for eight or nine years now, Tokasz said he didn’t seek out the top job on the board but did agree to serve.

When asked which of the three is the best golfer, Tokasz said it’s probably Giambra because he gets out more often.

“Davis,” Tokasz added with a laugh, “he can’t carry either one of our bags.”

I'm glad the one newspaper in Buffalo considers this nonsense to be newsworthy. A bunch of lowlife thieves belong to an exclusive country club and we're supposed to consider this humorous. Who cares? None of these people have contributed anything positive to Western New York. I wonder if the News realizes about half of their readers are currently unemployed? Here's a thought Buffalo News: If you want to write one funny column a week, find one remotely humorous writer. Courier Express: Where art though?


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